So sometimes I struggle

I have always enjoyed exercise and being active but for the past two years,  I’ve found that my “to do” list did not include exercise.  Funny how it doesn’t include Facebook either, but I always manage to get to Facebook.   I just have too many  interesting things to do which has allowed my preferred choice of exercise to fall by the wayside.   I tried to convince myself that going up and down the stairs in my house counted as exercise, but  I had a nagging suspicion that really didn’t cut it.

My first reality check came from the active school nurse group promoting the healthy school nurse.  I came up short intwitter-312464_640 several areas, so I’ll just keep that to myself.   However, I  am impressed with the many school nurses  walking, running, hiking, biking, jazzercizing and generally being healthy.  Check it out on Twitter,  #healthyschoolnurse

71fe5e7f-2370-4203-a0e1-82a1c729f54cMy second reality check came from Kevin Cashman in his book “Leadership from the Inside Out”.  I was given Chapter 5 to review for the book study being presented at the National Association of School Nurses Annual Conference, June 24-27, 2015 in Philadelphia.   “Resilience Mastery” is one of the most difficult for leaders to integrate into their daily lives.  It may be the most important because we all need time for self-care, time to nurture the body and spirit which allows us to infuse energy into all of our roles. This includes exercise, mindfulness, good nutrition, sleep and rest. We gain energy from the meaningful activities that renew and refresh us, allowing us to become better leaders.   Okay, so who doesn’t want to be a better leader?

a97f816f-e67a-4968-825a-2e1dfeb91d79 The card that brought the house down was the Virtual 5k for School Nurse Day on May 6, the brainchild of @rmsnurse.   It is such a great idea and a way to bring school nurses from around the country (and world) together to promote health.  Thank you Abby for this wonderful fitness motivator.  I plan to walk in the Healthy School Nurse Virtual 5k, but I sure do wish I was in shape to run, not walk, the 3.1 miles.

I signed up for the 5K, and  I realized I could fit a half hour into my day to walk every day.  I can do this!  I feel energized!   Afteappsr all, I’ve given talks on mobile apps for the school nurse so I have several fitness apps to help me .  I have: Couch25K, Nike +, Map My Run, Fooducate,  My Fitness Pal,  7 Minute Workout, Calorie Counter and the iphone Health App all on my phone.  Just because I haven’t been using them didn’t mean they wouldn’t help me now, right?

It was serendipitous  when I walked into Costco and what do you know, right in the front of the store were two personnel fitness trackers- the Jawbone UP-Move, and the more sophisticated FitBit, both able to sync with my phone and listed as two of the best personal fitness trackers for 2015.  I’ve heard about the personal fitness trackers, the FitBit, Garmin Vivoactive,  and  the Apple Watch, so I’m getting into this. Given my new found motivation, I bought the UP-Move.   Surely it will help me gain resilience,  energy, and IMG_0283bring balance to my life. And then I read this article  “Are Fitness Trackers Bad for your Health?”  What?!  Are all of these “helpers”  really just adding more stress to my life?  Do this, record this, walk this much, eat this… Would I be better off with a more relaxed, easy going.  laissez-faire routine?

No, I’m all in.  I like gadgets, the newer the better, but I guess they are not for everyone.  We each need to find our own source of energy.  For me, I like the idea of combining gadgets and exercise.

I just have to get to it.   This time it will work.     Onward!Find joy in each day


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